Monday, February 27, 2006

First Day.

Monday 27th February 2006: Started the day well, by having three cups of coffee and several cigarettes before starting up my e-mac. From the moment I turned it on I knew it was going to be one of those busy-yet-not days. I answered all e-mails that I could and registered some new contributors to this blog and to spinxpress, the software we will you to get the data from everyone no matter where they live into one central place for final editing and splicing together before publication.

Then I actually rang Lawrance Wood, CEO of the MSRC, who instantly knew me, when I started going on about video as John Habkirk(Squiffy) had told him so much about us from the first brainstorming session. He gave me his full backing for the project and insisted that we didn't worry about the minor percentage of people that we might offend, this is a small minority and they shouldn't spoil the fun we can have making money for this worthwhile charity. He also wants to host the video when it is finished were he can offer a 3gp version for say £1.50 a time, which helps even more.

I would like to welcome our new recruits, Randy Mann, Erick Bernard and hopefully Peter Zottolo. Thank you all so very much and hope to see you or hear from you in the very near future.

I have started up this blog for one if you want to show your video before you send the DV or 720 x 576 mov file via spinxpress, upload it to Dailymoton and then post it to the msyesgroup already set up with appeal video from Friday and then I will blog the video to this site. Also don't be afraid to write blogging your ideas or know how to this blog, just like this, it is in our best interests if we keep a journal of the work that we are doing, it also keeps not only us closer but it will generate interest from passing traffic or from the various links I have left on various message boards.

I have also set up a Flashmeeting for this weekend Sunday at 8 PM (GMT), times will vary across the US and Canada, but it didn't stop too many people from not turning up last time. If you click on the link there is a count down associated with the start of the meeting so you have a rough idea of when it starts if you don't live in the UK.

Why I am using spinxpress? It is a simple and fast way to get your data from your computer to our central data store loaned to the project by Phil Campbell, here you will be able to upload your data quickly and securely. At the end of the day I want your video in it's purest form for final editing to broadcast quality and final splicing, so the video must either be in .dv or 720x576 .mov format. You can then upload this, let's face it HUGE file through spinxpress to the server so that when it comes to the final cut polish up the editor (Conrad Slater) can just download the file and start doing that thing he loves to do. All this and more will be explained in the next brainstorming session this Sunday. Hope to see you all then. Love and Thanks Paul XXX


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