Saturday, February 25, 2006


The format is quite simple, yet effective.

What I need from you is an upto 30 second video in comedic style one symptom of MS. I need as footage as I can get hold of. There must be two people in the video, one inflicting the, in some cases agony, or in other cases just curiously. In that upto 30 seconds there must be hardly any dialogue other than one person asking "MS?" and the person (Hopefully the Vlogger) answering "Yes!"

For example: Rachel is tying a rope around my waist tighter and tighter(This symptom is called Girdling(see above for details), she then leans forward and asks, "MS?" and I would answer in agony, "Yes!"

Remember this is only an example let your creativity run riot in this one, just have the dialogue be just ms yes.

In the flashmeeting that I set up a few weeks back Conrad Slater from spainful films offered to edit the whole project for us as he has the equipment to edit to broadcast quality, he is also a student and runs a vlog so if anybody else would like to offer editing skills you are quite welcome to apply.

As for the footage, ideally I need the footage to be in DV format for easy transfer into Premier or Final Cut Pro, the net version will be smaller for the obvious reason, but there is a chance I can get the whole show on Satelite TV, there is a small public access channel called Propeller TV which is on Sky channel 188 (I think).

So Clarity is key folks, remember this vlog may be seen by others outside the group or vlogsphere for that matter. Ultimately as well, the good people from the charity might want to host it on their website also.

Also watch the video above which we made to coincide with the making of the project.

I have built this blog to document the building of the project and I will give access to posting on it to those who have said yes. Please contribute as much information as you can.

For a full list of Symptoms, please click here for more information



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